Non-NHS Fees

Straight forward letters of fact (short letter)
TWIMC – £15.00
Fit to Fly – £15.00
Letters for School/gym – £15.00

More complex letters of fact (longer letter)
TWIMC – £30
Letters for school/gym – £30
Private sick note required by patient to present employer – £30.00

Freedom of infection for school, travel, employer – £30.00

Accident or sickness insurance certificate with no examination for patient to make an insurance claim – £40.00

Validation of private medical insurance claim form to support a claim, completion of pre-treatment form – £40.00


Report on proforma, no examination (20 minutes) – £80.00

Report on proforma, with examination (30 minutes)
Adoption – £100.00

  • All non-NHS work fees are payable upon request
  • Non-NHS work needs to be requested in writing (paper/website/email)
  • Non-NHS work can take up to 10 working days
  • All our fees are within MDU guidelines