Mission statement

“Didsbury Medical Centre will deliver a complete package of care to all our patients and support those who care for our patients. We will facilitate all aspects of care to include prevention, management and appropriate referral to other agencies, both health and others, for all our patients.”

We will do this within the follow key areas:


We will respect all patients, we will respect each individual’s rights and expectations and we will respect all our statutory contractual duties.


We will deliver care safely and in a safe environment with regard to our patients and staff.


We will aim for the highest quality not only for individual patients but also for local and national standards. We will ensure that we use our allocated resources in the most appropriate and efficient way in order to support outcomes for our patients.


We will deliver care in a professional and appropriate manner that embodies all our key areas and has the patient at the very heart of what we do at all times.
Staff: We will support, train and develop all our staff to ensure that the practice is efficient and productive. We will show no discrimination and treat everybody equally.

The practice has a clear structure and leadership to support our ambitions and will engage locally with our local Integrated Care Group [ICG] and nationally with central initiatives and requirements.

Where we fail we will make the necessary changes to learn from these episodes and prevent them happening in the future. We will share that learning with all staff members and learn from others both locally and nationally.

Information about Didsbury Medical Centre is available at the practice, on line via our website and social media forums. Your feedback and suggestions are vital to help us deliver our mission statement and we would welcome any feedback.

DMC will deliver 21st century health care today and everyday.